Florence: Leadership and Innovation

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    The linkage between innovation and leadership

    Innovation demands a special creative climate based on a positive approach to creative ideas, supported by relevant rewards systems which recognize and value creativity.

    Building such organization requires:

    • Vision, leadership and will to innovate
    • Individuals who contribute energy and direction to the innovation process


    A learning expedition to the Renaissance to face the future

    This module focuses on leadership in times of extreme change. We benchmark Florence in the time of the renaissance to learn from the best. There are paradigmatic shift in finance, politics, art, architecture, humanism, and leadership.

    Nothing has ever been like this. In this benchmarking we will find new and different answers to management questions.

    Old secrets have survived for 500 years and still they have something to tell us. When management fads have all died out leaders will still visit Florence to learn how to govern. The ideas of the leadership of the renaissance will be integrated with the newest achievements in management theory and research facilitating reflection over key leadership issues such as:

    • Does the leader need a personal vision in order to achieve excellent results?
    • How does one create innovation?
    • How should leaders relate to power?
    • How are innovation and leadership linked?
    • Which are the leadership initiatives that can encourage creativity and innovation?


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    Learning experience

    This learning expedition is a module of the Business Innovation Programme.

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      Florence: Leadership and Innovation

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      Deusto Business School
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    • Understand the key elements of a creative climate
    • Learn the differences between leadership and management
    • Reflect on change management, leadership and sustainable innovation
    • Understand the way to manage complex teams and talent
    • Learn the importance of power and politics within organizations
    • Reflect and debate upon the integrity of leadership
    • Integrate effective leadership and business innovation
    • Contrast the key ingredients of a learning organization in contrast with traditional organizational models
    • Foster leaders and leadership ideals instead of management and inertia within your organization
    • Facilitate innovation and extreme results
    • Use power and politics practically to promote your visions and ideals
    • Develop a mindset for nurturing creative climates within your organization
    • Foster continuous creativity to launch new products, services, processes, etc, within your organization
    • Promote a learning organization
    • Manage change in turbulent periods
    • Identify leaders and managers and their role for the organization
    • Create and sustain communities of practice
    • Promote behavioural norms to boost innovation

    Learning method




    Group work


    On-sites visits to places of relevance regarding the renaissance


    Executive training by experiencing innovation and creativity in context




    Steinar Bjartveit

    Partner and consultant in KEIRON as., and Lecturer at the BI Norwegian School of Management. He has also been collaborating as a Professor in Deusto Business School since 2010.

    Steinar provides a unique understanding of leadership and management challenges by combining historical and academic perspectives with experimental learning. His approach ;has been benchmarked by Ashridge as the leading edge of business school innovation.

    Steinar is an experienced certifed management consultant who has worked with several CEOs and top management teams both in Norway and internationally.


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    Further information


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    Asun Angulo asun.angulo@deusto.es+34 944 139 483

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