Meet the Fellows of the 6i-Dirs COFUND project: Irene


2022ko maiatzak 30

Bilboko Campusa

We are closing our series for this academic year with Irene García Muñoz.

Irene holds a Bachelor in Political Science from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master in Women, Gender and Citizenship and a Master in Globalization, Development and Cooperation by the University of Barcelona. Irene has extended working experience in the field of social justice in different roles and areas of work. Over the years, she has gained in-depth expertise and knowledge on gender equality and women’s rights, particularly in the human rights and development fields. Her career has provided her with a versatile profile, facilitating her understanding of complex and transnational realities and the connection between theory, research, policy and practice.

As an MSCA Fellow at the University of Deusto her research interest lies in the effectiveness of public policy for gender equality, knowledge, social and organizational transformation. In the frame of the project she has the chance to collaborate with different stakeholders and projects, such as Gearing Roles or the COST Action Voices. Irene forms part of the Deusto Social Values research team and carries out her doctoral research project under the supervision of María Silvestre Cabrera and María López Belloso.

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