DEUSTO participates in the second consortium meeting of the FrAAgiLe project in Geneva


2020ko urtarrilak 20


On 20 January 2020, the eVida Research group from the University of Deusto has participated in the second meeting of the FrAAgiLe project in Geneva, Switzerland. FrAAgiLe is a European project funded by Active Assisted Living Programme. The project aims to both prevent and detect frailty at home. It will provide a new, disruptive approach for combating mental and physical frailty by using video training, serious games, body recognition and tracking by a tablet and a smartwatch. FrAAgiLe gathers experts from several fields of knowledge, small and medium sized companies, international companies, foundations, universities and research centres.

During the meeting, experts from all over Europe agreed to integrate new dynamometers and measuring techniques for the lower body and its physical activity and balance. These are potential innovations bringing accuracy to the development of the final product.

For more information about the FrAAgiLe project, please consult this page.