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Ukrainian students

Barkatu, edukia itzuli gabe dago.

Applications are now open.

From this page you will find instructions and further information on how to apply for a credit-system academic program without fees from Deusto as Ukraine's university student whose studies have been interrupted by the war.

Who can apply?
The study right may be granted to students who have a valid right to study towards a degree at a Ukrainian university, and who either have Ukrainian citizenship or have been granted asylum by Ukraine, and whose studies have been interrupted by the war.

How to apply?

  • Application period
    13 to 27 April
  • Requested documents
    - Copy of degree certificate and/or transcripts of records (or any other relevant study documents) OR a responsible statement of your CV.
    - A copy, a photo or a screenshot of the applicant’s passport.
    - Other documents, for example, a language test certificate (B2 in English is recommended).
  • Online Application Form
    Please apply through this form.

Start of studies
Students are expected to start their semester on 2 May.

Further information

Please find our leaflet here for more information on the academic programme.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on ukraine.students@deusto.es.