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2019ko azaroak 20Brussels

DEUSTO supports Eurochild Children’s Council

October and November 2019 have been intensive months for Eurochild Children’s Council. On 7 October 2019, the new Eurochild Children’s Council met for the second time to discuss the new child participation strategy and the Eurochild Conference to take place in 2020.

One month later, at the occasion of the 30 years of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (20 November), Eurochild Children’s Council met with key Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to discuss EU, national and local issues affecting children rights, child poverty, climate change, among other issues.

June Albalá Caro, the only Spanish representative in Eurochild Children’s Council, supported by the University of Deusto, participated in one of the official sessions at the European Parliament of the European Socialists Party and in the discussion with the Member of the Parliament Alexandra Geese, who is in charge of the budgetary planning on youth and children´s rights defense. She also shared her views and expectations on the EU with the MEP Javier Moreno Sánchez.