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2019ko otsailak 05Bilboko Campusa

The University of Deusto participates in a Science|Business event to discuss the future of EU’s International Research and Development

On 05 February 2019, Toñi Caro (Head of the International Research Project Office of the University of Deusto) participated in the Science|Business Network Conference International R&D -Horizon Europe and the world together with key leading international experts from the academia, research, business and public administration sectors.

The event counted with the special participation of Jean-Eric Paquet (Director-General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission), Jean Chambaz (President, Sorbonne University), Joel Mesot (President, ETH Zurich), Otmar Wiestler (President, Helmholtz Association), Anita Krohn Traaseth (CEO, Innovation Norway) and Marie-Noëlle Semeria (Senior Vice President & Group Chief Technology Officer, Total).

Around the world, cross-border research and development (R&D) deals are on the rise, both in public and private systems. International co-publications, global budgets, industry/university/public partnerships – all have soared in the past decade. Europe, with its Horizon research and innovation (R&I) programmes, is a leader in this trend, but the US, Canada, China, Japan and other big spenders are also on the hunt for ambitious ideas and partners. Important questions are also being raised about the future role of R&D in the UN SDGs, climate change and other international development ambitions.

It is against this backdrop, that the Science|Business Network conference participants discussed the emerging opportunity landscape, and how this could best be harnessed across sectors and regions through breakthrough science, technologies and policy frameworks.

For the event full programme and presentations, please consult this page.