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2021eko urtarrilak 01Donostiako Campusa

New Book on Action Research for Territorial Development

A group of multilocal community of researchers came together in a collaborative book to try to answer the question: what is action research for territorial development? The book entitled: Roots and Wings of Action Research for Territorial Development: Connecting local transformation and international collaborative learning was edited by Miren Larrea from Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness and member of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform Strengthening Participation.

The book addresses action research for territorial development (ARTD) which is the result of developing the pragmatist approach (as proposed by Greenwood and Levin), experimenting with democratic dialogue (Gustavsen) and reinterpreting the work of Paulo Freire in Action Research processes with stakeholders in the Basque Country, Agder, Rafaela and Tierra del Fuego. It bridges Southern PAR and the pragmatist, industrial democracy approach. In this practice, the authors have combined AR with theoretical frameworks coming from regional development (Europe), territorial economic development (Latin America), policy sciences and communication of social science.

The book is available at this page.