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2017ko urtarrilak 13Bilboko Campusa

The Basque Health Cluster is born

The Basque Health Cluster (Basque Association of Health Companies) was created on 13 January 2017. At an extraordinary assembly, Basque Biocluster partners decided to give a new boost to the Biocluster, which gathers now under the new Basque Health Cluster.

The Basque Health Cluster aims to coordinate, represent, manage and defend the common interests of its partners, in collaboration with public administration organisations and other institutions in the field of biosciences. It also aims to contribute to the development, growth and internationalization of its partners in the sector of health sciences and technologies in the Basque region.

Basque Health Cluster associates have approved by majority of votes to emphasize the sector’s scope and give it a Human Health dimension. The intention is to accept in the association any entity working in the Health field and cover, as such, the entire value chain.

For more information please consult this page.