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2022ko urtarrilak 27

El Diario Vasco interviews Martin Zuñiga, PhD in Social Work from the the University of Deusto and researcher at the Integrated Social Services Group (SSI)


Martín Zuñiga talks about the consequences that social isolation has on ageing and health. In the article published in the Diario Vasco, the researcher of UDeusto defends the need to “create relationships of equality, since all people can be, at any moment, providers and receivers of services'.

Key quotes

We find it hard to accept vulnerability, but we all need to be cared for.

Social isolation has direct consequences on health.

Generally, the medical discourse on health prevails, but we also have to look at the social part and its relation to loneliness.

In the community work, we need to look for a balance between both the capacity for innovation that the social sector can have and the maintenance of standards of quality and security that institutions can provide.

A change of institutional culture towards a more community-based model is needed.


 Please, consult the interview in the  attached document.