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2019ko ekainak 27Bilboko Campusa

Deusto Business School Health organises the Health Transformation Forum: Data Science and Big Data in Health

Deusto Business School Health (DBS Health) is organising the 7th edition of the Health Transformation Forum on 27 June 2019 in Bilbao. The Health Transformation Forum is aimed at those agents of the health sector with real capacity to implement or influence the necessary changes that contribute to the improvement, innovation and future sustainability of our health system.

The Forum is designed as a shared work-space between senior professionals of the health sector in Spain. The focus of this year edition of the Forum is on “Data Science and Big Data” and it will offer a space to identify theories and tendencies on the use of health data and to share national and international successful experiences on Data Science, Big Data and Real World Evidence. It will also generate collaborative learning spaces and give the possibility to meet the different key agents: public and private health organisations, patient associations, pharmaceutical and technology industry, research and innovation centers, among others.

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