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2019ko uztailak 03Bilboko Campusa

DBS Health organises the course Value Based Healthcare

The transformation of the health system will begin when all stakeholders reach an agreement on a single general goal: the generation of value, improving the quality of care provided for each euro. According to Professor Michael Porter, Value-Based Healthcare Delivery is a framework for the restructuring of healthcare systems with the goal of generating value for patients.The concept and application of value in the healthcare system is increasingly present in the European and Spanish healthcare environment.

It is against this backdrop that DBS Health organises the Course Value Based HealthCare on 3-5 July 2019 at the University of Deusto - Campus Bilbao. The main objective of the Course is to promote this movement and preparing professionals and organisations to advance in value orientation. It aims to to stimulate the thinking and train managers and clinicians in the framework of generating value in health systems, allowing them to focus their efforts and actions towards the creation of value for patients and the necessary transformation of the healthcare system.

For more information about DBS course, please consult this page.