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2022ko uztailak 18

BD4QoL project, in which UDeusto participates, starts the clinical trials to collect quality of life data of health and neck cancer patient.


The “Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza” hospital (S. Giovanni Rotondo, Italy) started the enrolment of the patients who participate in the prospective trial for the use of the BD4QoL platform starting from April 11th, 2022.


The first 18 patients are using the BD4QoL apps to collect quality of life data and will be followed up for 24 months. Patients will report their perceived quality of life using the web-based standard questionnaires from the European Organization for the Research on Cancer (EORTC) at the enrolment and every six months as part of their follow-up visits. Two thirds of the study participants will also collect data on their physical and social activities, sleep, and emotional status by using the BD4QoL mobile apps.

The expectations of physicians are high, and they hope that the results of the project will help patients to improve the quality of life during the surgery follow-up.


About BD4QoL


BD4QoL supports people after head and neck cancer, seeking and fostering their active participation in their recovery pathway, side by side with their reference physicians.

Aitor Almeida, Aritz Bilbao-Jayo and Xabier Cantero take part in the project on behalf of DeustoTech (Institute of Technology) of UDeusto.