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2021eko apirilak 30Bilboko Campusa

EIT to release call for creatives industries

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) will launch a funding call this autumn to back the formation of a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for the creative and cultural industries. By uniting cultural and creative organisations from business, higher education and research in a pan-European innovation ecosystem, this new EIT KIC will deliver innovative solutions to help these sectors and industries become stronger and more resilient. EIT Culture and Creativity will create new opportunities for entrepreneurial education, innovation, business creation and acceleration to power Europe’s next generation of innovators and creatives.The EIT is currently drawing up the framework for the KIC and will invite universities, businesses and research organisations to submit proposals to bring the new community to life. The best plan will get funding to become a full-fledged KIC in September 2022.

The new KIC will sit alongside the European Bauhaus, another EU project marrying innovation and the culture with the aim of turning Europe’s green deal into a cultural and architectural movement. It is still unclear whether the two projects will have synergies, but the efforts reflect the EU research system’s newfound interest in the cultural and creative industries.

For more information about the EIT, please consult this page.