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2019ko urriak 15Bilbao

The Women Angels for STEAM (WA4STEAM) Network was presented in Bilbao

The WA4STEAM Network was presented in the Iberdrola Tower (Bilbao) on 15 October 2019. WA4STEAM is a growing international community of women angel investors seeking to expand women entrepreneurial presence in the STEAM fields. It was created in 2017, after having participated in a European Union Business Angels for Europe’s Entrepreneurs Program (WA4E) at IESE Business School (Spain). At the end of the event, a group of women, decided to set up a non-profit association focused on supporting other women’s initiatives. WA4STEAM members are more than business angels driven by profitability, since they aim not only to provide seed capital, but also to become a strategic partner, nurturing women future leaders and role models.

The association members hold a wide variety of backgrounds with professional expertise in biosciences, mathematics, finance, engineering, law, accounting, communication, team coaching and training. Altogether these backgrounds may add significant value to the early stages of start-ups life cycle. They also count with a broad network of strategic partners and other angel groups, which reinforces the angels’ investment capability by connecting our portfolio companies to other ecosystems.

The wealth of professional profiles of the associates, together with a dual investment approach based on financial profitability and social impact, in addition to strong values ​​make WA4STEAM a unique organisation that:

  • Promotes entrepreneurship and women's initiatives in STEAM
  • Promotes female talent and innovation in STEAM
  • Raises awareness about gender inequality in STEAM in society
  • Promotes greater women participation in the financing of STEAM projects
  • Creates a collaborative environment where women entrepreneurs find the necessary means and support to develop their business projects
  • Promotes contacts between entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs associations and other organizations

It aims, not only to invest in start-ups, but also to accompany women entrepreneurs to foster their future leadership and to serve as role models for other women.

The launching of the network in Bilbao counted with the participation of its main leaders, in particular Gloria Lorenzo, Regina Llopis, Lola Elejalde (Director of Prospective and Internationalisation in Innobasque) and Cristina Giménez Elorriaga, responsible for University-Business Relations of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto and member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform.

For further information about this network, please consult this page.