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2019ko ekainak 17

Reasons to speak about gender violence

María Silvestre, principal researcher at the University of Deusto and member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform, writes an article in the newspaper el País where she discusses the statistics about gender violence and the need to discuss about this societal problem. She encourages the work to promote more equal societies, where the traditional gender roles are not longer valid, societies where it is possible to denaturalize the women position in the private sphere, and to build new ways of being women and men with equal value attributions.

According to María Silvestre, we need to answer the question “why is there this universal inequality between women and men?” and to get the answer right, she suggests the diagnosis: “women suffer violence because they are women, because society is macho and patriarchal. Until we remove these fundamentals it will be very difficult to leave statistics on gender violence in a still photo”.

You can read the full article at this page.