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2019ko urriak 31Bilboko Campusa

DEUSTO publishes the handbook “Women and Drugs: Manual for relapse prevention with a gender perspective”

Patricia Martínez Redondo and Elisabete Arostegui, researcher at the University of Deusto and member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform have published the handbook “Women and Drugs: Manual for relapse prevention with a gender perspective”.

It is a practical theoretical manual that incorporates the gender dimension as the central axis of the intervention on female drug addiction, by looking at the influence of the social structures in the analysis and interpretation of the problem and its solution.

It seeks to provide a new framework for understanding and addressing women's drug use and, at the same time, it proposes a practical proposal to adapt the therapeutic offer of resources to women's needs, generating a Empowerment space in which they acquire control on decisions and actions that affect their health and well-being.

With this manual, authors aim to reverse the influence of androcentric and sexist biases in virtually everything we know about drugs and drug addictions. The interventions on addiction, historically and nowadays consider the masculine reality as the axis of action, generalising it to women who have been accessing healthcare resources. Thus, the issues that are relevant to women remain ignored in many treatments, which end up adopting neither the approach nor the tools and instruments that allow designing programmes and treatments that incorporate a gender perspective in their daily practice, even when there is abundant evidence that gender inequalities affect all stages of drug use, as well as the therapeutic process. Definitely, the rupture of this injustice involves applying the gender perspective in the field of use and abuse of drugs in a transversal way.