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2020ko maiatzak 31Bilboko Campusa

DEUSTO launches the Mentoring Programme Feminist Leadership in Science (FELISE)

The University of Deusto, coordinator of the Horizon 2020 GEARING Roles project, promotes the FELISE (Feminist Leadership in Science) initiative aimed at women who are starting their academic career. The action is led by FECYT - the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and is implemented at the University of Deusto through the Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Gender.

FELISE is a mentoring programme seeking to promote the academic career development of 5 women (30 in the project as a whole) in the early stages of their postdoctoral career or nearing completion of their doctorate.

FELISE will promote reflection on the gender dimension of careers, as well as on the barriers that underlie careers in institutions. It also seeks to contribute to the development of an international network of women scientists. The programme, which has a duration of 7 months, will consist of 5 mentoring sessions.

Applications for participation are welcome by 31 May 2020.

Information about the initiative, as well as the contact details to submit your application for participation can be found in this flyer.