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2022ko ekainak 16Bilboko Campusa

Two projects linked to Social Justice and Inclusion awarded by UDeusto for their positive and social transformation

 As part of the sixth edition of the Deusto Research Social Impact Seal, Deusto has recognised the work of 8 new projects for their positive impact and social transformation.

The projects that have received the 'Deusto Research Social Impact 2022' seal have been promoted by different faculties and research units of the University of Deusto: Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education and Sport and the Faculty of Law.

Two awarded projects are linked to the interdisciplinary Social Justice and Inclusion Research Platform.:

COMAPMEM - Learning Community: Memory, Historical Education and Peace Building in the Basque Country.

- Researchers: Angela Bermúdez Vélez, Izaskun Sáez de la Fuente Aldama, Galo Bilbao Alberdi, Cristina Pena Mardaras, Irene Gantxegi Madina.

- Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

- The aim of this research is to identify the contributions that history education can make to the denormalization and delegitimisation of violence and, therefore, to the construction of peace.




FUNDEUSKADI - The cohesive role of the foundational sector in the face of the new normality. The situation in the Basque Country.

- Researchers: Marta Enciso Santocildes, Dr. Ramon Bernal, Alfonso Etxanobe

- Faculty of Law

-The aim is to analyse how the pandemic has affected the Foundations in the Basque Country and their future prospects in the next post -pandemic context in order to fulfill their foundational aims and maintain their cohesive and supportive role.