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2019ko urriak 20Sundsvall (Suecia)

DEUSTO shares its experience on entrepreneurial education with international partners

As part of the ERASMUS+ project EIPTE, members of DEUSTO eDucar research team (Arantza Arruti DEUSTO project coordinator and Jessica Paños) together with 10 students of BA course on Primary Education attended a meeting at the Mid Sweden University on the “Ecosystem of entrepreneurial education in initial teacher training”. During the event, DEUSTO participants shared their experience with partners from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Sweden.

In particular, DEUSTO students could learn about the reality of entrepreneurship in the Swedish schools, the agents of the entrepreneurial education ecosystem and about the so-called value-creating learning. They also listened to examples of schools using this type of learning from teachers who are implementing it and students who are an active part of it. Students also visited different educational centers and the Technichus, a center where science is the protagonist and in which several entrepreneurship and innovation projects are carried out.

For more information about DEUSTO participation in the event, please consult this page.