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2021eko martxoak 15

DEUSTO contributes to societal transformation through social innovation research

In May 2020, the German Parliament decided to increase the support for social innovation. The motion entitled “Stronger support and more efficient use of social innovation” emphasises social innovation’s increasing importance within a comprehensive innovation concept. The document explicitly refers to the Atlas of Social Innovation - New Practices for a Better Future (1st edition) edited by TU Dortmund and including the contribution of DEUSTO researchers.

The Atlas presents a comprehensive overview of worldwide initiatives on social innovation providing insights of the various approaches used in different world regions and in policy areas such as employment, education, environment, climate change, energy, transport, health, poverty and sustainable development. The Basque Country is one of the analysed regions.

In the chapter “Social Innovation in World regions”, DEUSTO researchers, Marta Enciso and Antonia Caro outlined how during the last 10 years social innovation in the Basque Country has switched from being framed in the social economy to be part of the innovation regional system.

According to the German proposal, the innovative potential of the whole society can be activated and democratic structures can be strengthened when different societal sectors participate in innovation processes. The proposal claims that innovation policy can only be successful when academia and research organisations can tap their full potential.

For more information on the work of DEUSTO research core group Social Innovation and Technological Transformation for Global Challenges, please consult this webpage.