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2019ko azaroak 25Bilboko Campusa

The University of Deusto will host the Bilbao Learning Mobility of the European Project CONNECT

From the 25th to the 27th November 2019, the University of Deusto will host the last learning mobility of the CONNECT project. CONNECT is a European project cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme that was launched in 2017 and will be running until December 2019. Being a Knowledge Alliance for Audience Development, CONNECT aims to promote innovative cooperation between universities, institutions and enterprises in the cultural sector across Europe. One of the core objectives of the CONNECT project is to bridge the gap between teaching in the academic/higher education world and continuous professional development in the cultural sector for the promotion of best practices and a systemic growth of audience development.

The University of Deusto will host a three-days event in which participants from Italy, Denmark, Poland, UK and Spain will get together to exchange their experiences in the framework of the CONNECT training actions and share challenges and solutions applied during their action research projects on audience development.

For more information about the event please consult this page. You can consult the CONNECT project webpage here.