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2022ko uztailak 13Bilboko Campusa

WHY Second General Assembly Meeting to be held in DEUSTO

The consortium of the European H2020 project WHY Climbing the causality ladder to understand and project the energy demand of the residential sector will hold its second General Assembly Meeting at the University of Deusto. Among different technical meetings for consortium members, the open session on July 13th Strategies to fight high energy prices will give attendants the opportunity to know more about how Spain and Germany are facing this crisis and how energy system modellers are helping. 

The Keynote presentation by Philip Heilmaier, Head of Division of the German Energy Agency (DENA) and Maria Kannavou, Director of energy systems modelling of E3Modelling, will be followed by a session on the holistic evaluation of the implementation of a time-of-use tariff by an energy cooperative and an introduction to the Microgrid, Energy Community, European and Global Use Cases. 

For more information and registration: Strategies to fight high energy prices: the WHY approach: WHY H2020 Project (why-h2020.eu)