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2020ko abenduak 16Bilbao

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the University of Deusto organised the third stakeholder meeting of the EU-SHAFE project

The 3rd Stakeholder Meeting of the EU_SHAFE project was organised on 16 december 2020 by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the University of Deusto. The meeting counted with the participation of representatives of 11 organisations. University of Deusto researchers presented the 7 best practices included in the Aggregated Assessment Report within Domain 2-Social participation:

  • B1 Bizkaia – Friendly Cities 4All. Civic engagement in the field of urban accessibility
  • B2 Bizkaia – Participate research-action Project involving older adults in Vizcaya in the field of personal and community empowerment: WHO´s Global Age-Friendly Cities Project
  • B3 Coimbra – IDOUIS: older adults as visitors of other older adults – changing roles from care receiver to care giver
  • B4 (also D7) Aarhus – Local centres in the Municipality of Aarhus
  • B5 Hamburg – Q8 Sozialranmentwicklung: Neve Losungen fur soziale Fragen
  • B6 Louth – Drogheda and District Support 4 older People (DDS4OP)
  • B7 Slovenia – Simbioza Giba

The presentation was followed by a discussion in order to analyse the different practices.

For more information on the EU_SHAFE project, please consult this page.