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2019ko maiatzak 17Bilboko Campusa

The First Conference on Psychology and Childhood Cancer took place at the University of Deusto

The growth and the important role of pediatric psycho-oncology as an integral and necessary discipline for the treatment of childhood cancer is a sample of the complexity of childhood cancer. It is also the recognition of the integrative nature of the medical practice, as well as of a vision focused on the patient, showing that we need to go beyond the mere elimination of a pathology.

The First Conference on Psychology and Childhood followed this approach and aimed at deepening the knowledge of pediatric psycho-oncology. Participants concluded that there is a need for training in this discipline because of the growing demand of psychological support, the educational complexity that this requires, and the current lack of this offer in university education. In this way, the conference also gave voice to and provided guidance in this discipline in order to help families and kids under these circumstances.

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