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2020ko irailak 02Bilboko Campusa

The H2020 WHY project opening session:

How current European projects could help in the shaping of the Recovery Fund and their links with the new Green Deal?

 A unique opportunity for stakeholders to get acquainted with the projects funded under the H2020 call LC-SC3-EE-14-2018-2019-2020 (Socio-economic research conceptualising and modelling energy efficiency and energy demand) in the framework of the Kick-off meeting of the WHY project. The meeting will start with a policy introduction provided by two key note speeches by two policy officers from the Directorate General of Energy, European Commission, after which participants will get to know WHY's objectives, scientific tools (e.g. causal modelling, forecasting, RTC interventions or upscaling energy models) and its potential outcomes. A number of other actions funded under the same call will be presented. Finally, a high level discussion with the representatives of all projects will take place to explore how these actions can best support European policy making.


Thursday, September 10, 2020
10:00-13:00 (CEST)