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2019ko maiatzak 14Donostiako Campusa

New DEUSTO publication: “Challenges of cross-border business cooperation - Experimentation in the Euroregion of New Aquitaine, Basque Country, Navarre”

Orkestra, the Basque Institute of Competitiveness, published a new report analysing the challenges of cross-border business cooperation in the Euroregion of New Aquitaine, Basque Country, Navarre. The report is a reflection and a learning exercise of the authors’ experience in promoting cross-border collaboration in the period 2013-2019. It aims to raise awareness of the potential of the cross-border dimension for innovation and to serve as support in the processes of promoting cross-border collaboration practices both from the business and the political spheres.

As it states “It is a reality that, in Europe, production and innovation capacities are geographically fragmented compared to other parts of the world. In this respect, there is a need to gain critical mass through collaboration between European regions. More generally, interregional collaboration is essential to overcome fragmentation in the innovation efforts and to ensure that synergies in innovation capacities and cross-fertilisation possibilities between sectors and technologies are fully exploited”.

The report takes into consideration the lessons learnt from the participation in the INTERREG project Competitiv’eko - a cross-border project aiming to tackle the low levels of cross-border collaboration in this Euroregion. By exploiting the opportunities of further cooperation, Competitiv’eko intends to boost the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the SMEs of the 3 territories.

You can download the report at this page and consult the project website here.