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2019ko ekainak 05Brussels

DEUSTO discusses Horizon Europe Strategic Planning

On 05 June 2019, Toñi Caro, Head of the DEUSTO International Research Project Office participated in the first meeting of the Science|Business Framework Programme Working Group.

Over the next few months, the European Commission will be developing a Strategic Plan for how the Horizon Europe programme will achieve its mandated objectives. In parallel, the current Commission is designing a more elaborate process of consultation than usual. This is with the aim of having a plan ready in November for the new Commission, which will then embark on forming sector-specific Programme Committees, and ultimately creating detailed Work Programmes.

Over the course of the next year, Science|Business Network members will convene on three occasions to share perspectives and discuss priorities around the Strategic Plan process.

In the first meeting of the Science|Business Framework Programme Working Group participants discussed ‘impact’ targets for Horizon Europe. The outputs of discussions will inform a special report which will be launched at the Science|Business Public Conference on 10 September.