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2019ko uztailak 09Bilboko Campusa

DAPAS project consortium meeting

The University of Deusto held the second consortium meeting of the European project DAPAS (Deploying AAL Packages at Scale). DAPAS is funded by the AAL programme and aims at delivering a innovative solution, which is based on the needs of older adults and their relatives. DAPAS combines successful functions of different service partners. These innovative solutions will be combined and refined into one product that can be distributed on a larger scale, to improve quality of life of older people and their relatives.

During the consortium meeting, the project partners have shared information about the current state of play of the project, the tasks already finished and the next steps and milestones. One of the most important tasks is the development and integration of different components of DAPAS which are going to be tested as a whole. The pilot sites in Austria, Portugal and Luxembourg will start the testing phase at the end of this year.

For more information about the DAPAS project, please consult this page.