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2020ko irailak 28Bilboko Campusa

Bilbao features in the world’s top 25 according to the IMD Smart City Index 2020

Bilbao is the world’s 24th smartest city, and the first one in Spain, according to the report of the second edition of the Smart City Index 2020, drawn up by the Smart City Observatory of the Institute for Management Development IMD in collaboration with the Singapore University of Technology and Design SUTD.

The report ranks 109 cities from around the globe from the perspective of the perception of each city’s citizens towards two basic areas: structures, which refers to the infrastructure that exists in the cities; and technology, which covers the technological provisions and services available to citizens. In both cases, factors such as access to health services, security, mobility, education and governance are analysed.

The city of Bilbao, which leads the major metropolises of Madrid (45th) and Barcelona (49th) in the ranking, is particularly outstanding in terms of public transport, sociocultural activities, the provision of medical services, recycling services and good education level, amongst others.

Bilbao profile can be consulted here and the whole report here.